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We’re very happy to announce our newest sponsor, Demotix.

Demotix is a street journalism website and newswire. It enables freelance photojournalists and amateurs to share their stories with a growing community, and license them to the mainstream media.

Demotix launched officially in January 2009, has 5,000 users from over 120 countries, and has already seen its images on the front cover of The Guardian and Spectrum; has licensed its content into the Telegraph, the BBC, the Guardian, the Times, the London Paper, and others all over the world, and has placed its ‘Widget’ (launched in March 09) into The Telegraph, Le Monde, Future News (Lebanon), and the Himalayan Times (Nepal).

The Huffington Post (with whom Demotix has partnered) says: Demotix “may change the way news is reported”, and Nick Kristof, in the New York Times, writes that Demotix “offers aspiring journalists a chance”. In March, Demotix won the Guardian Media Awards 09, the biggest industry prize in the UK.

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