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Gallery Upgrades

As part of our ongoing mission to make the work of independent photographers, artists, and journalists more visible, we’re performing an upgrade to the Lightstalkers photo galleries.

What’s new:

  • You now get 40 images (previously 30).
  • Slideshow now available in both HTML and Flash format.
  • Flash optimized for better dissolves and more efficient preloading.
  • You can now add an audio soundtrack in MP3 format.
  • You can set your own slideshow timing.
  • You can now set keywords on your gallery and images.

Because these are significant changes, we’re not migrating your existing photos automatically; you can replace your photos on your own schedule. Until then, your profile gallery will work the old way.If you see a problem, or want to submit feedback, send it directly to Bugs are natural, and we’ll get them sorted expeditiously.

And as always, if you appreciate this totally free service from November Eleven, please consider sending financial support:

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