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Updating Old Images

Today we’re performing an automatic upgrade for those of you who haven’t updated your galleries in several months. We’re going through and adding your old images to our latest database, and you don’t have to do anything on your end.

What’s new:
You now get 50 images, free of charge. (We continue to gradually increase your allotment, and plan to continue increasing this limit as our budget allows.)

You can now organize your images into multiple “galleries”—you can use this to sort them into various slideshows and stories. You can add an audio soundtrack to any gallery, in MP3 format, and even set custom timing on your images.

The Flash slideshow’s better than ever, with multiple gallery navigation and fullscreen mode built-in.
If you’ve been updating your Lightstalkers galleries lately, you’ve already got access to all of this—today’s update only affects those who haven’t already upgraded themselves.

All this is possible due to financial support from our members and our sponsors. We’re continuing to add features and storage capacity, and you can help by making a donation today.

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